The Somme Punch

Image‘The Somme Punch’ is a British made cartoon in 1916. We can tell that it is a British cartoon as the hand, with the bold words ‘BRITISH ARMY’, is punching a Kaiser’s nose, which is indicating the Somme. The British had thought they were definitely going beat the German’s and win the battle. The cartoonist had entitled this as TheSomme “Punch” because it represented the British punching Germany at the Somme so their first line of defense would fall.

The significance of the Kaiser’s nose representing the Somme is that by punching the nose generally causes one’s guard to fall and Britain wanted this to suggest Germany losing their guard and having their front line ofdefense fall as they get “punched”. This cartoon was drawn before the offensive because Britain had initially thought they would beat Germany, but the outcome proved that wrong. Britain did not win the battle, but instead lost thousands of their men during the fight and were the one’s to be “punched”. The British were not capable reaching the German trenched let alone destroy the barbed wire protecting the Germans.

The cartoonist’s motive for drawing this image was to lift the spirits of the British people and make them feel a sense of hope. However, because the people of Britain had high hopes, when it had come to the actual battle and the number or dead soldiers were announced, it had caused a huge let down and upsetting feel throughout the country.


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  1. charlie
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 21:54:30

    when was this cartoon published?


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