World War II – Propaganda

I chose this poster because i thought that it would be easy to find an idea revolving this idea. During WWII the meaning this poster had was that it encouraged women of the society to “be a man” and join the navy.

I created my poster in this way because I felt that this character -Mulan- represents women who try to join the army in order to save their family and country. She disguises as a man in order to do so. This is similar to what the poster tries to say “I wish i were a man”. I changed certain things in my poster, such as the font. I switched the word ‘Navy’ for ‘Army’ as it suits the character I had chosen more. I also changed the original text which said “United States Navy” into “Imperial Chinas Army”, also to suit the character and story. I didn’t change where the picture and text were placed because it will be easier to notice that my poster is a recreation of the original “I wish I were a man” poster.